SkintownNI is the named used for all collabortive and individual productions by Tophats in Bunnies and Integrated Handcraft. Lynnie and Andrew started working together after meeting in 2010. After discovering they shared an interest in creative media and their complimentary skill sets, they developed a strong friendship and partnership.  





Lynn McPhillips established Tophats In Bunnies in 2011.

Lynnie was born in Enniskillen on the 30th of April, 1991. They became interested in film-making at seventeen and studied Creative Media Technology at South West College in Enniskillen.

Lynnie has worked on multiple short films and documentaries, both as the project head and in assistance roles. Their particular interests fall into editing and cinematography. Their favourite genres to work in are horror and comedy.

When not making films, they dabble in other artistry, including writing fiction and animation. Before establishing themselves in film making, they had been developing their photography skills over five years and drawing for over ten years.


They have a guinea pig named Richie and a Springer Spaniel called Pixie.

Andrew Flaherty founded Integrated Handcraft in 2012. Before then he worked with others and individually since the mid-2000s.

Born in London, England on the 11th of May, 1985, his family moved to Enniskillen when he was ten. As a teenager, he became interested in script writing, starting with comedy and expanding to drama and horror.

While studying Creative Media Technology at South West College’s Enniskillen campus, he became involved in producing and directing and has often taken on multiple roles in productions. On occasion he has acted in his own and other's films.

Andrew has had two review series, The Andrew With Sean Review Show and The Andrew Without Sean Review show where he critiques games and films.


He enjoys collecting film memorabilia and playing Monopoly 

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